Agile Bingo – For Toddlers in Scrum

The game is simple, there are 2 set of cards blue and pink, where blue cards represent the primary responsibility of a role in scrum and pink represent the secondary responsibility. You need to map the cards to the Scrum Roles considering their primary and secondary responsibilities and if all’s good then the game says “Bingo!!!” (of course if  you have enabled javascript on your browser).

I recently came across this game on and I liked the fun way to remember the roles in scrum and their responsibilities. The game is best played within a co-located team,  I’ve tried to extend it for distributed teams.

Here’s the game  AgileBingo – For Toddlers in Scrum (download the html file and run it from your machine). I’ve built this in quick time while I was going through some of the HTML5 features therefore it should work on Chrome & Mozilla and on Internet Explorer 9( Yes, finally I did few tricks to make it work with IE). 

How to play

How to play(I’ve dragged and dropped some sample ones here)

Hope you like it.

Enjoy 🙂

 DISCLAIMER : The views, opinions and information compiled in this blog are completely mine and has nothing to do with any of my previous, current or future employers


One comment

  1. This game is a great training tool for those who want to learn about Scrum roles.


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