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Agile & Regulatory Requirements

Financial regulations proposed in the industry have a fixed set of rules, conditions and fixed timelines. Regulatory requirements are those IT product requirements that arise out of these Financial Regulations and such Regulatory Requirements have a Fixed Scope and Fixed Time. When I am in a session packed with individuals from Finance and Banking domain there is […]

Continuous Deployment, Cloud and Node.js

The goal of this post is to introduce you to continuous deployment and demonstrate the usage of node.js and cloud infrastructure. Let’s tackle the first Big word in the title of this post “Continuous Deployment”, the simplest understanding of this can be Deploy continuously as long as you have a successful build and keep promoting […]

Debunking Myths about Agile terms

I thought of finally taking it to my blog to explain the ideas about certain terms in simplest possible language after getting introduced to drastically different explanations about the same terms in recent times. Cross-Functional Teams A team that has the required functional skills and/or technical expertise to drive the development of the product in order to […]

GUI Automation With Gherkin and Specflow

When I first got introduced to Gherkin language for writing Acceptance Test Criteria’s, I liked the way it was written as from a Developers/testers point of view this was finite and if written properly can be very close to something known as “precise”. When practicing BDD using the Gherkin language, I’ve observed that most teams […]

Scrum Monitor

Scrum Monitor is an individual who pretends to be the  #scrum master for a team but is only monitoring the scrum meetings  involving only the development team. – Rakesh

Specflow Test Execution Report Enhancement

“Specflow”….. you lost my Tags from the feature file !!! This post should help you get back your tags from the feature file into the HTML Specflow Report. But before that, let us take a quick look at what is Specflow ? “Specflow”, to simply speak, is a tool that can help you automate your test […]