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Debunking Myths about Agile terms

I thought of finally taking it to my blog to explain the ideas about certain terms in simplest possible language after getting introduced to drastically different explanations about the same terms in recent times. Cross-Functional Teams A team that has the required functional skills and/or technical expertise to drive the development of the product in order to […]

Sprint Review – A time for collaboration and trust !!!

Even though technically Sprint Reviews signify the closure of the sprint, it is start to build trust and improve collaboration!!! The end of the Sprint results in an exciting yet anxious dialog between the product owner and team members known as ‘Sprint Review’. I would like to share some knowledge bytes gathered from my experience of […]

Agile Bingo – For Toddlers in Scrum

The game is simple, there are 2 set of cards blue and pink, where blue cards represent the primary responsibility of a role in scrum and pink represent the secondary responsibility. You need to map the cards to the Scrum Roles considering their primary and secondary responsibilities and if all’s good then the game says […]

Tracer Bullet

So are we going to talk violence on a software blog now and that too when we are approaching a new year ? 🙂 Well absolutely not, I’d say this bullet is a special type of bullet in software which is effective and harmless What is this “Tracer Bullet” ? Tracer bullets are loaded at […]

Sprint Retrospective – A real story

Sprint Retrospective – “Oh there’s nothing cool in this”, “it’s a waste of time” if that’s your opinion then I believe this post might be an interesting read for you. I am going to share a real life story of conducting a sprint retrospective for a new team in a non-scrum environment. The story has challenges, […]

Scrum in a Non-Scrum environment

Well for a change let me start by asking few questions Are the words “Agile”, “embrace change”, “scrum”, “sprints” new to you or recently been added to your world ? Are you into software development ?  If the answer to the above questions are “Yes”, then I believe you are at the right spot.  “Agile” is […]